Gordon Thomson Is Prana Wellbeing’s New Studio Director


Prana Wellbeing Welcomes Gordon Thomson As Studio Director

Message From Gordon Thomson, Prana Wellbeing’s new Studio Director

Hello friends;

I’ve been inundated with requests for updates. Lots of you, my fantastic students, have asked: “Where have you moved?” and “Where are you teaching now, and who with?” So, I’m letting you all know, via Prana Wellbeing, my new studio, exactly what’s been going on and what’s to come from Gordon Thomson.

2013 was one of the most dramatic years of my life, with exciting new beginnings and other really sad closures.

First, in May, I left my beloved Hackney terrace house after 26 years and moved to a set of 1770 cottages with nearly an acre of land in a village near Arundel, West Sussex. This is a very special site and is right next to Amberley railway station; convenient for the hourly train to Victoria. This was a very lucky purchase. I love my new home, its surroundings and the freedom to jump on a train at a moment’s notice.

In September of that year came the closure of my studio at Queensberry Mews West. After 22 years, nigh on the 30th anniversary of my first opening in South Kensington, Pineapple, which I ran between 1984 and 1991 with Debbie Moore.

Wayne Sleep was my landlord at the time and, as my lease was due to come to an end, he decided to sell both his house opposite and the studio. These properties have been acquired by the new owners of the original Pineapple buildings. If their plans come to fruition, this will eventually be transformed into the new South Kensington club in 2015. What goes around comes around.

I had to manage six months of exile from working in London. Thankfully I was able to look after a studio in Arundel for one of my lovely teachers, Sarah Hardy, while she to a sabbatical in Italy. Travelling to that magical town every day was an opportunity to reflect on the massive changes that had happened during 2013, and plan my future. I still work one day a week in that special little studio.

At last, in April 2014, Tatiana Novaes and I were able to open a temporary new studio on the roof of 1 Harrington Gardens off Gloucester Road; just a five minute walk from my old locale. This is the Prana Wellbeing studio I mentioned at the outset. Managing this club would be impossible without the generous support and management of the landlord; a former client whose staff are running the rest of the building as serviced apartments. Visit The Harrington for more information.

During the last nine months Prana Wellbeing has been transformed into something quite special. Regular clients and teachers have loved coming to this small studio with its spectacular views of London.

It’s with great pride and happiness that I can also announce a new venture. I have recently returned from a fantastic trip to Finland experimenting with Marja Putkisto’s method. I’ve been commissioned to teach pilates machine courses to her matwork teachers over the next three years, and we are, in all likelihood, going to be planning other projects.

I wish all my dear qualified teachers much success in 2015 and beyond. If you would like to be linked to the Prana Wellbeing website, please just let me know and we’ll set you up with a profile and bio advertising your business. It’s nice to be nice. There are doubtless other possibilities for cooperation and information exchange, so please do get in touch.

Here are my new house and studio details. There’s now no excuse not to be in touch:

New Home Address:

Railway Cottages 
36/37 Houghton Bridge
West Sussex
BN18 9LR
Landline: 01798 831 075
Mobile: 07799 880 596

Current Studio Address:

Prana Wellbeing
1 Harrington Gardens
Gloucester Road 

Bookings: 020 7341 5800

I do hope you will share any material you would like to post on our website on health, wellbeing and of course Pilates.

Your dear friend,

Prana WellbeingGordon Thomson
Gordon Thomson (Pilates)
Studio Director

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