Personal Training

Prana Personal Training not only strives to make you fit now, but fit for life and fit to live. We believe in function; to be able to live every day physically and mentally at your best.

Our team, led by Niko Algieri, uses an range of disciplines to optimise your fitness at a pace that suits you. Promising quick results is a gimmick. We promise results in a time suitable for your abilities and needs.

The studio is designed around creating a balanced and dynamic physique. Our trainers use disciplines such as those below to make you strong, flexible, fast while developing lean muscle:

  • Weight/Resistance Training
  • TRX
  • Gymnastics (mat work)
  • Olympic Lifting (coming 2016)
  • Kettlebells
  • Pilates Techniques Circuits
  • Cardiovascular Training

The Prana PT team works simultaneously with Rita Arora, our nutritionist, to carefully design your workouts in conjunction with how you are fuelling your body. If you have an illness or an injury, our staff consult doctors and physiotherapists where  illnesses or injuries that need to considered when approaching your fitness.

Personal Training at Prana Wellbeing

Prana’s Personal Training takes place in both our studio and the green areas around South Kensington.

Book your session with one of our instructors below and enjoy the motivation and instruction that will see you stronger and happier.

If you have any questions about the PT service, please visit our trainers’ pages to leave a them a message.

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