Prana Pilates’ guests enjoy the authentic Pilates method combined with philosophies from other disciplines. This unique mix gives students a Pilates workout like no other. We strengthen, rebuild and heal; rehabilitating the body and increasing functional and athletic performance. Joanna Blake (Studio Manager) heads up the Prana Pilates programme.

Pilates is a way of life. Practitioners enjoy improved wellbeing and are more compelled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Prana Wellbeing has a modern, modest studio in South Kensington, just five minutes from Gloucester Road station. Visit our Contact page for details on how to find us.

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Pilates is a precise exercise system that addresses the whole body. The discipline corrects asymmetries, strengthens chronic weaknesses, re-balances the body and prevents re-injury. The series of controlled movements engages the mind and body, promoting equilibrium within yourself.

Practicing the method can be gentle at first as Pilates was created for rehabilitation. Advanced students feel the benefits of Pilates’ challenging, aerobic elements as they progress. Pilates is used by dancers and athletes to optimise performance and reduce injury. By booking your session with Prana, you can also take advantage of this physical therapy.

Other benefits include:

  • A balanced body; developing upper and lower limbs creating strong, supple muscles and joints
  • A strengthened centre; flattening the stomach and lengthening the spine without adding bulk
  • Increased body awareness, flexibility, effective breathing patterns and reduced stress
  • Pilates will affect your everyday life; your posture, sleep, breathing and your general movement

New Starters

Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6pm can be really busy times in the studio.   By booking quieter times of the week, new starters can benefit from more focused 1 to 1 attention from our instructors whilst paying small group session prices.

If you are new to Pilates at Prana Wellbeing please download the forms below, and then return the completed versions to either reception or your instructor.

 New Starter Forms

Pre- And Postnatal Pilates

The benefits of a regular, challenging Pilates practice are felt no more than during and after pregnancy. Many of our instructors are trained to help you strengthen your core at a time of great change for your body.

Mothers-to-be will reduce the chance of injury by following a programme uniquely designed for you with our tutors. We only work to your ability and will adjust the practice depending on how far through your term you are. Other benefits of antenatal Pilates practice include back pain relief and increased energy levels.

New mums work with our team to reshape their bodies after birth; strengthening and lengthening muscles. The weeks and months after birth offer the perfect opportunity to achieve the fitness levels you want and to gain the new-mum figure you desire.

Small Group Classes

Anyone can attend Prana Wellbeing’s small group classes. No membership required. One of our professional teachers leads up to three students at a time. This maximises the time our staff spend tending to each practitioners particular needs. Visit our Schedule to view the availability of these group sessions.

  • Groups of up to three people guided by one instructor
  • Specific classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students run throughout the day
  • Each person works on their individually assigned programme
  • Classes combine mat and equipment work
  • Instructors encourage pupils to learn a programme of assigned exercises
  • In time clients apply corrections and master exercises, progressing in a safe, effective way
  • Regular practitioners notice a difference in the way they move and feel about the exercises as they progress
  • An instructor is always present to remind you of an exercise and modify your programme as necessary

Studio Sessions

Prana Pilates studio sessions are specifically designed for the regular Pilates practitioner. Our team leads a circuit session incorporates the Cadillac, Reformer, Barrel and Combo/Wunda chair machines. They take place in a very relaxed atmosphere clients are immersed in their own Reformer practice. Prana’s Gordon Thomson, Perli is on hand in all of these sessions to provide advice and guidance to ensure you are reaching your potential.

Private Sessions

Our Pilates teachers are also available to lead private classes. If you enjoy one-to-one instruction, this is the perfect way to maximise your potential.

  • Private tuition provides the best opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the method and your body
  • Students work to their highest capacity achieving results quickly, safely and efficiently
  • Tailor made classes cater to the specific needs of the pupil
  • Guaranteed 100% contact time with our instructors
  • Sessions can be booked at times that suit you
  • We recommend private sessions for clients who are either pregnant or undergoing physical rehabilitation

Please note, private sessions are extremely popular making their availability limited. Please visit the Privates section of our Schedule page to find the best availability.


The currently has three Reformers, one Cadillac, one large Barrell, one Combo Chair and lots of supporting accessories. The new expanded studio coming in November will have five Reformer-Towers, three Trapeze/Reformers, three Combo chairs and three full-sized Barrells. Clients use these to slide and pull themselves into shape as they follow the sequence of exercises demonstrated by our staff.

Reformer classes are for all levels of expertise. Prana Wellbeing runs beginner, intermediate and advanced classes every day, and privates at an ability and time that suits you. Visit out Schedule page to book your class.

Our clients also have access to a Cadillac machine which can be used as and when our teachers think decide to introduce it into your fitness programme.

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